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As an Amazon seller, maintaining a healthy account is essential to your success. Amazon’s selling platform is highly competitive, and your account health plays a significant role in determining your visibility, sales, and customer satisfaction. Here are five areas of interest to help you maintain a healthy Amazon selling account, and why you should consider contacting Seller Account Services LLC for advice and consultation.

  1. Order Defect Rate (ODR) The Order Defect Rate (ODR) measures the percentage of your orders that have received negative feedback, an A-to-z Guarantee claim, or a credit card chargeback. Keeping your ODR below 1% is crucial for maintaining a healthy account, as anything higher can result in account suspension or even termination.
  2. Product Quality Amazon prioritizes customer satisfaction above all else, and the quality of your products plays a significant role in achieving this. Ensuring that your products meet the quality standards set by Amazon, and addressing any customer complaints promptly and professionally, will help maintain a healthy account.
  3. Shipping Performance Late shipments and canceled orders are a surefire way to damage your account health. Maintaining a high on-time delivery rate, keeping track of your inventory, and responding quickly to customer inquiries can help you avoid these issues.
  4. Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Violations Amazon takes intellectual property rights (IPR) seriously and will suspend or terminate accounts found to be violating them. Monitoring your listings for any potential infringements, addressing any claims promptly and effectively, and maintaining proper documentation can help you avoid IPR issues.
  5. Account Metrics Keeping an eye on your account metrics is essential to maintaining a healthy account. Metrics such as conversion rates, click-through rates, and customer engagement can provide valuable insights into your performance and help you identify areas for improvement.

In conclusion, maintaining a healthy Amazon selling account is essential to your success as a seller on the platform. By paying attention to areas such as ODR, product quality, shipping performance, IPR violations, and account metrics, you can improve your account health and boost your sales. However, navigating Amazon’s complex policies can be difficult and challenging. Call Seller Account Services, LLC to hire an Account Advocate today!

Account Advocate

  • Hire an Account Advocate to fight for you on your behalf

  • Compose a strong Plan of Action Appeal to reinstate selling privileges

  • Tips & tricks to manage your Seller Account with Best Practices

  • Get expert live advice from an agent to manage your Appeals

  • Step by step actions taken on your Appeals

  • Get informed of Amazon apps for your Marketplace

Seller Account Services - Account Health Support Podcast

Chip Von Gunten – your host on the Account Health Support Podcast

Account Health Support Podcast

Chip used to work at Amazon for many years in various departments such as Account Health Support for policy investigations and account reinstatements, with  Seller Support for technical support and catalog issues, and as a moderator on the Amazon Seller Forums. Chip has successfully resolved over 15,000 seller account policy investigations, guiding small businesses to overcome challenges.

Listen now, as he can finally go “off script”!

Need Help with your Account Health?

We offer consultation for account reinstatement and product policy compliance. Keep in mind, additional consultation hours or services such as ongoing support or custom development may be recommended.

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