Introduction to your Podcast Host:

Chip worked at Amazon for many years in various departments such as Account Health Support for policy investigations and account reinstatements, with  Seller Support for technical support and catalog issues, and as a moderator on the Amazon Seller Forums. Chip has successfully resolved over 15,000 seller account policy investigations, guiding small businesses to overcome challenges. Chip has expertise in compliance, resolving risk investigations with intellectual property issues, and reinstating products and accounts. Chip is the founder of Seller Account Services LLC.

Send your account health questions to: or call 480-790-4515

These podcast episodes cover various topics including compliance for product policy, account health rating maintenance, financial tracking, advertising optimization, profitability analysis, inventory and order management, customer service improvement, financing, shipping and fulfillment automation, and tax management. The information provided on this podcast is for educational and informational purposes only, and should not be considered legal advice, nor official advice from Amazon.

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