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Get verified reviews and feedback from customers to help improve your seller rating and offer customers useful insights with your Seller Central account. Using a feedback and review app for your Amazon seller account can give you several advantages and help lead to success by providing the following features:

  1. Feedback management: The app can help you manage and respond to customer feedback, including monitoring your ratings, identifying negative feedback, and addressing customer concerns.
  2. Review generation: The app can also help you generate more reviews from your customers by sending automated follow-up emails and providing you with a link to share with your customers.
  3. Analytics and reporting: The app can provide you with detailed analytics and reporting on your feedback and reviews, allowing you to track performance, identify areas for improvement, and make data-driven decisions.
  4. Reputation management: The app can help you maintain and improve your reputation on Amazon by monitoring your feedback and reviews, and taking action to address negative feedback.
  5. Integration with other tools: The app can integrate with other tools such as accounting and tax apps, marketing apps, and customer service apps to give you a complete picture of your business and help you identify areas that need improvement.
  6. Product Reviews: The app can also help you analyze product reviews, identifying common complaints, and feature request, allowing you to improve your products and services.

Overall, using a feedback and review app can help you improve customer satisfaction, increase sales, and maintain a positive reputation on Amazon, which ultimately can lead to success on your Amazon seller account. It can also provide valuable insights on customer needs and preferences, allowing you to make informed decisions and improve your products and services.


Automate the process of collecting and managing customer feedback, reviews, and product ratings.

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A cloud-based platform that enables you to sell products across multiple channels, including Amazon, eBay, and Walmart.

Inventory tracking system with daily metrics per item, automatic min and max price calculations, reordering, and replenishing.

Automate the process of collecting and managing customer feedback, reviews, and product ratings.

Automated bookeeping software imports data related to sales, fees, and refunds to your accounting software.